The beauty of the traditional vinicultural art inspires our style of wine making.
casa d'almear . classic vineyards
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The excellence of Beira Atlantic terroir, the selection of grape varieties, the search for balance in the adaptation of the traditional savoir-faire, characterize the Casa D'Almear wines.

 The beauty of the tradicional vinicultural art, expressed in its close dialogue with Nature, in the slow and gradual progression from the vineyard to the winery, in the skills of the complementary crafts, inspires our style of winemaking.


We resort to the most original legacy of the wine ritual, which defines the primary matrix of our production methodology. At the same time, we believe in contemporary vinicultural methods and winemakers that are in line with our values Philosophy.


The innovation component is introduced when it significantly enhances the quality of our wines, promotes sustainability, and ensures customer motivation, interest and satisfaction.


We appeal to a non-oxidative oenology, that respects the innate potential of grapes, as well as the potential for natural aging of the wines themselves, ensuring maximum quality and excellence.


We believe in a responsible and personalised oenology, committed to sustainable development, with minimal intervention to preserve the natural diversity and specific characteristics of our grapes and vineyards.

History 5
History Casa D'Almear defines its own style of wine production with respect for traditional savoir-faire and Nature.
Filosofy 13
Philosophy Our Philosophy defines the matrix of Values and our Commitment as wine producers.
Vinhedos 23
Vineyards The vineyards draw the landscape of Travassô, natural context and terroir with a privileged exposure on the River Águeda.