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Casa D'Almear Riesling White Wine
casa d'almear . classic vineyards
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White Wines Riesling

Sunkissed wine with a very romantic style. In mouth stands out the vividness of cítrus notes and the sweetness of the apricot.

Casa D'Almear Riesling White Wine

Casa D'Almear Riesling is a fine white wine with a very romantic style.

The Casa D'Almear Riesling White Wine is produced with 100% Riesling grape variety, carefully selected.

Late harvest, and completely manual. It starts from the end of August and beginning of September.

Casa D'Almear Riesling is produced from the careful selection of overripe grapes with concentration of its aroma, being submitted to a very slight pressing.

The fermentation is carried out with temperature control systems between 16 ºC and 18 ºC.

Region PGI Beira Atlântico / Protected Geographical Indication varieties 100% Riesling graduation 13,5% Vol.
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Tasting Notes A discreet floral bouquet, combined with the vibrant aroma of cítrus fruits and mineral notes.
In mouth the first impression is welcoming, structured and smooth, gradually the texture of the fluid will become evident, highlighting the liveliness of the cítrus notes enveloped by the sweetness of the apricot. Malleability & Fullness. 
  • Golden glow with amber nuances
    Bright solar body

  • Sweetness of the white flowers and the freshness of lavender
    Cítrus fruits
    Mineral notes

  • Stimulating nuance of grapefruit, lime, apple
    Apricot discreet
    Surrounding texture
    Balanced acidity
    The aftertaste is distinctive, elegant and long

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