Our Philosophy defines the matrix of Values and our Commitment as wine producers.
casa d'almear . classic vineyards
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Our Philosophy translates into the apologia and appreciation of manual component as a way of re-animating the local rural community and traditional know-how.


Casa D'Almear defends the concept of a non-industrialized wine, preserving the natural characteristics of the fruit and the specificity of each caste delicately planted.


The respect for Nature, manifested in the conscious adaptation of human action to the surrounding natural space, and in the necessary obedience to the timings of intervention that it establishes, both in relation to the earth and in the alchemy of wine, are also the truth and our commitment.


The acknowledgement and protection of a legacy of knowledge that transcends History and Science and the safeguarding and preservation of the valuable collection that constitutes our natural heritage ensures that we can leave our future generations the best legacy.


An Utopia as inspiration.


Together, women, men, young people, children, winemakers, cellar masters, among others have designed this place, Casa D'Almear, encouraged by a sense of fraternity and search for perfection, with freedom to act and professional rigour, thus creating and offering our customers distinctive and attractive wines.

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History Casa D'Almear defines its own style of wine production with respect for traditional savoir-faire and Nature.
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Vineyards The vineyards draw the landscape of Travassô, natural context and terroir with a privileged exposure on the River Águeda.
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Savoir-Faire The beauty of the traditional vinicultural art inspires our style of wine making.

The Casa D’Almear production is limited to an exclusive number of bottles per year.

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