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Casa D'Almear Blanc de Noirs 
casa d'almear . classic vineyards
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Sparkling wine of light yellow diamond hue, with a very sophisticated style. In the mouth raises citrus notes, raspberry and light biscuit.

Casa D'Almear Blanc de Noirs 

Casa D'Almear Blanc de Noirs is a light yellow sparkling wine, with a very sophisticated style.

The sparkling wine Casa D'Almear Blanc de Noirs is produced with 60% of Syrah and 40% of Touriga Nacional grape varieties, carefully selected.

The harvest is completely manual, and it is held during the end of August and the beginning of September.

Total destemming followed by crushing with very slight pressing.

The first fermentation is carried out in stainless steels vats with temperature control systems between 13 ºC and 15 ºC.

The second fermentation occurs in the bottle, according with  the Classic Méthod, followed by an 8 months in-bottle ageing period.

Riddling and disgorging are made entirely by hand.



Region PGI Beira Atlântico / Protected Geographical Indication varieties 60% Touriga Nacional, 40% Syrah graduation 12,5 % Vol.
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Tasting Notes The initial notes evoke sweet floral aromas and citrus nuances.
Sparkling wine of light diamond tone. Its fresh and smooth aroma surrounds us in sweet floral notes with a touch of citrus. In the mouth highlights citrus notes, raspberry and light suggestion of biscuit. Naturally festive spakling wine, with a thin bubble, alowing a very creamy structure. Good structure and balanced acidity which confers freshness and longevity. Character & Freedom of Interpretation                      
  • Light yellow diamond tone
    Golden reflection

    Ethereal glow

  • Sweet floral nuances

    Light citrus notes

    Wonderful freshness

  • Raspberry

    Citrus fuits

    Light biscuit
    Thin and persistent bubble

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